Bill Maher Ponders Hollywood Romantic Comedies In The MeToo Era


In the era of MeToo, how, Bill Maher wonders, is Fifty Shades Freed the Number 1 movie in the country? (It’s not, but go with it for a moment).

Maher used the movie “about a woman on a leash” to kick off a New Rules riff last night on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, pondering the mixed messages of Hollywood rom-coms, which, he said, have three basic plots: she married her boss, stalking is romantic and “I hate you and then I love you.”

“Now it’s true,” Maher continued, “men made most of these movies, but women bought most of the tickets. I sure wasn’t the one who wanted to go see Failure to Launch.”

Maher riffs on movies old (Rocky), new (Call Me By Your Name) and really old (Snow White, in which a man kisses an unconscious woman: cute, says Maher, when it’s a prince, not at all when it’s Bill Cosby).

People, Maher notes, are complicated. “We don’t know why we’re attracted to a woman,” he says. “Or a man. Or, if you’ve seen The Shape of Water, a fish.”

Check out the belated Valentine to Hollywood love above.

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