Bode Miller Apologizes For Comment About Female Skier’s Marriage Affecting Results


There’s a lot of apologizing happening at the Olympics this year. The latest comes from NBC Olympics analyst and former Olympian Bode Miller who was dragged on social media for cracking a joke about skier Anna Veith and how her performance has been affected by her marriage.

Veith, who won gold at Sochi 2014, has been struggling with a knee injury. During her first run on the Giant Slalom today, Miller pointed out that her knee had been an issue but then went on to say, “I want to point out, she also got married. It’s historically very challenging to race on World Cup with a family or after being married. You know, not to blame the spouses, but I just want to toss that out there that it might be her husband’s fault.”

Of course, Miller’s joke sit too well with the Internet. Many said he was “mansplaining” and that his comments were “messed up.” Miller didn’t waste any time to issue an apology on Twitter saying, “To be clear I was not seriously blaming Anna Veith’s lack of results on her husband. It’s a changing of priorities that is historically hard, male or female.”

He went on to say, “I had the love and support of my wife while I was racing and I know it can be a huge asset. #happyvalentinesday”

It seems like PyeongChang is becoming the Apology Olympics as Miller is not the first to issue an apology for off-color remarks.  NBC already apologized for one comment by its team of commentators during the opening ceremonies. Joshua Cooper Ramo said that Japan is “a cultural and technical and economic example” for Koreans.

Koreans didn’t take well to the comments considering their history Japan, which occupied Korea under oppressive rule from 1910-1945.

Soon after, Katie Couric came under fire after making a comment about the Netherlands’ dominance in speed skating saying that they have lots of canals that freeze in the winter and that the Dutch skate on them to get from place to place and to “race each other” and “have fun.”

That wasn’t the smartest comment as she got backlash and immediately tweeted her apology saying, “Congrats #Netherlands on your count so far! My apologies for being on thin ice for my comments re: skating on canals. I was trying to salute your historical passion for the sport but it didn’t come out that way! I’d to visit again & celebrate your success!”

Read the hall of apologies below.

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