CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Philip Mudd Breaks Down Covering Florida High School Slaughter Of 17

Philip Mudd

During its coverage of Wednesday’s latest school shooting in America, Wolf Blitzer asked CNN’s counter-terrorism analyst Philip Mudd for his thoughts after a couple hours hearing accounts of today’s shooting in Parkland, FL, Mudd being someone who used to work for the FBI.

Mudd is a veteran of this kind of talking-head-ery; he and also formerly worked for the CIA.

“You think it’s antiseptic. It’s not,” Mudd began of the Valentine’s Day slaughter in which yet another gunman used an “AR-15 style” weapon.

“I talked to a terrorist who almost died,” after being sent by ISIS and Al-Qaeda to detonate a car bomb, Mudd said, seeming to stray somewhat. “I talked to him after he lost a lot of his skin, his hands, his feet.”

“I have 10 nieces and nephews,” Mudd said, getting back on topic and becoming visibly angry, possibly having received the early word that death toll in today’s high school shooting had hit 17.

“We’re talking about bump-stocks, We’re’ talking about legislation.”

“A child of god is dead. Cannot we acknowledge in this country we cannot accept this?!” Mudd said, speaking for millions.

“I can’t do it Wolf. I’m sorry. I can’t do it!” Mudd cried, choking up and looking away from the camera.

“We’re going to get back to you,” Blitzer said as CNN cut quickly away.

“You’re obviously, this is so emotional. Unfortunately it happens all too often,” Blitzer continued. “And people say we’ve got to learn some and, as a result people say we’ve got to learn some lessons. Unfortunately lessons are never, never learned,” Blitzer said, speaking for Mudd, who returned to air a few moments later after composing himself.

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