New CNN Ad Warns Donald Trump That With A Lot Of Apples “You’ve Got A Case”

CNN Facts First

CNN launched yet another “Facts First” promo, this time reminding President Donald Trump about the collective power of apples.

“This is an apple,” CNN’s latest promo begins.

“And, this is an apple.”

“And this is an apple.”

“And when you put them all together, you’ve got a case.”

CNN’s latest promo – the network seems to be picking up the pace — comes as news outlets report special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be building a case that President Donald Trump’s interference with the investigation into Russian election meddling constitutes obstruction of justice.

One day earlier, CNN, among many other news outlets, covered FBI Director Chris Wray upending the Trump White House’s timeline about when it learned of domestic abuse allegations leveled against former aide Rob Porter. Wray testified Tuesday the FBI repeatedly briefed the White House on its investigation last year, despite how the White House has presented the timeline. Porter resigned after the Daily Mail reported Porter had been accused of physical abuse by two ex-wives.

On January 27, CNN debuted a new promo that flipped its Facts First campaign, with the new spot featuring a banana peel. Not coincidentally, it launched a week after FBI arrested a Michigan man who phoned multiple threats to the cable news network’s Atlanta operation, saying he was heading there to “gun” them all down because they are “Fake News.”

“Some people might try to tell you that this is an apple,” went the promo. “It might even start as a joke. But when they say it over and over and over again, and people start to believe it, it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.”

The following night, CNN prime-time star Don Lemon blamed Trump on air for the death threats, saying, “This is what happens when the President of the United States repeatedly attacks members of the press simply for reporting facts he does not like.”

“Some very dangerous people are listening to you,” Lemon told Trump, and noted that POTUS had, once again, attacked CNN as “Fake News” just hours earlier.

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