WGA West Surveying Members About Sexual Harassment At Workplace

WGA West
WGA West

Leaders of the WGA West have sent a survey to their members “to evaluate the extent of sexual harassment in our workplaces, and the challenges writers face when experiencing or witnessing it.”

Guild leaders said they also “need to understand how well or badly our employers are doing, or have done in the past, in dealing with complaints.” Responses to the survey, they said, “will determine the number and nature of the questions you will be asked. Even if you have never witnessed or experienced sexual harassment, we would like to hear your ideas about how the guild can address the problem.”

All responses to the survey, they said, will be kept confidential.

The survey comes two weeks after the guild issued a Statement of Principles on Sexual Harassment that it says will serve “as our starting point toward meaningful change in our industry’s treatment of sexual harassment and discrimination.”

“Our goal with this survey is to isolate and respond to a specific, dangerous, and timely problem so that we can move to find effective solutions both in our role as a labor union and in cooperation with other industry groups,” said WGA West president David A. Goodman, vice president Marjorie David and secretary-treasurer Aaron Mendelsohn in an email to their members.

The questionnaire, they noted, “deals only with sexual harassment as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It doesn’t ask about other forms of workplace harassment, pay disparity or discrimination based on other unlawful grounds, such as race or gender or age. These are related problems, of course, and work on them is ongoing at the guild.”


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