Piers Morgan Tells Tucker Carlson That Omarosa Propositioned Him On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

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Omarosa, currently terrorizing housemates on CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother, is vicious, conniving, scheming, plotting, and treacherous, Piers Morgan told Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel Tuesday night.

“She is absolutely appalling. I mean, literally one of the worst human beings I have ever encountered in my life,” Morgan said, adding, “I have encountered a lot of bad people.”

This week, Omarosa warned fellow Celebrity Big Brother inmates that Veep Mike Pence would make a far scarier president than Donald Trump because of his religious extremism.  Carlson wondered what Morgan thought of Omarosa’s latest makeover as a political pundit.

Morgan, who bested Omarosa, among other competitors on the first season of Donald Trump-hosted Celebrity Apprentice, called it “ridiculous” to have to discuss Omarosa in any serious political context, blaming Trump for giving her an office in the West Wing for nearly a year.

Having been tossed out of the White House, Omarosa is “already behaving exactly how I could have predicted she would behave; she is squealing like a canary,” Morgan said, mixing his wildlife, and “taking down” the White House personnel for the amusement of Celebrity Big Brother viewers, and in service of landing a book deal.

On Carlson’s show, as in his Tuesday Daily Mail column, Morgan said on the first day of the inaugural Celebrity Apprentice edition, “she sidles up to me, I’ve never even met this woman. And she says to me, ‘Hey, Piers, we should have a showmance.’ I said, ‘What’s showmance?’

“She said, on The Apprentice, everyone has sex together. So, you and I could do that, and then we could sell it, and make lots of money. I said, ‘Are you completely deluded? What? Please, go away.'”

“She said, ‘What’s the matter with you? Are you gay? I said, ‘No, just because I don’t want to have sex with you on this show, that doesn’t make me gay.'”

Carlson asked if that was Morgan’s #MeToo moment.

Morgan brushed that snark aside, saying Omarosa “gave me then, for four or five weeks, unrelenting five barrels of abuse, tirades, homophobic stuff, and really vicious, nasty stuff. I couldn’t believe it.”

Morgan reminded viewers he beat her on that edition of Celebrity Apprentice. He described being surprised when he read she would work on Trump’s campaign and even more when she worked in his White House.

“She apparently achieved absolutely nothing in her time in the White House, other than disrupting everybody. And you can just bet your life she was there listening, plotting, scheming, probably tape recording. We’re now going to have Celebrity Big Brother and all this stuff will come out of that. Then we’re going to have the book, and then the docuseries, and then the Lifetime movie, Tucker, at which point you and I are going to have to leave the country because it is so ridiculously absurd.”

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