Fox Teams Tim Miller, Brian Michael Bendis For ‘X-Men’ Mystery Project ‘143’

Tim Miller Brian Michael Bendis

EXCLUSIVE: Twentieth Century Fox has hired Brian Michael Bendis to develop a script for Deadpool helmer Tim Miller to direct. The movie is shrouded in secrecy, but I have confirmed it is a new feature that is set in the X-Men universe and it has a title: 143.

Bendis is one of comic’s most prolific writers. He created the Miles Morales character in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic and Jessica Jones, which became the basis for the streaming series. Bendis recently moved from Marvel to DC Comics, and this feature will be a return for Bendis to characters in the Marvel X-Men universe. JR Young is the exec for Fox.

Miller is currently in pre-production on the latest installment of the Terminator franchise for Paramount and Fox, with James Cameron godfathering the effort. This comes after the VFX wiz Miller’s feature directing debut Deadpool grossed over $783M globally for Fox.

WME and Anonymous Content rep Miller, and Bendis is Circle of Confusion.

What could 143 refer to? No one at the studio is saying. The number in X-Men lore refers to the 1963 Uncanny X-Men comic where Kitty Pride is left alone at the mansion on Christmas Eve, and battles an N’Garai demon.

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