Seth Meyers Pokes Fun At Heroic Journalism Films With ‘Newspaper Movie’

Seth Meyers

“Throughout the years, there have been many classic movies set in newsrooms at newspapers,” Late Night host Seth Meyers told viewers “and this year is no different.” However, there is one movie out there about an intrepid group of reporters that really stands out from the pack, Meyers said, introducing one of his NBC show’s much loved video spoofs.

No, it’s not The Post, though it’s from the people who bought you that one, as well as All the Presidents Men, Spotlight, and the fifth season of The Wire. 

Newspaper Movie.

It too is about a brave team of journalists with dubious fashion sense and empty personal lives who risk it all to break the biggest news story in history.

“I think this goes straight to the top,” says Meyers, who stars and is made up to look like Robert Redford made up to look like Bob Woodward.

Many white men in hideous neckties and equally questionable short-sleeved no-iron shirts.

Tense scene in which Journalist/Meyers/Redford/Woodward sits with another white guy on a park bench, trying not to look suspicious as they pass documents in a folder.

Glimpses of the Lincoln Memorial and the White House, and people rowing on the Potomac River.

Manual typewriters. Clouds of cigarette smoke.

The word “sources” is uttered a record 6,500 times. “Fourth Estate” is mentioned less often, but it’s still in there and requires much explaining.

And, the obligatory super-dramatic scene with a long pregnant pause in which the newspaper’s gruff-but-charismatic editor finally says “Run it.” Meyers forgot to mention the editor has to have great hair, but we’ll let it go.

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