The Real Opening Ceremony: Leslie Jones Heats Up The Winter Games With Tweets


“Skate villain” hasn’t yet made it into the official lexicon of Olympic judges, and going Beyonce isn’t quite up there with the lutz, the axel or the salchow, but Leslie Jones is doing her best to bring a fresh eye – and vocabulary – to the Winter Games.

Jones, the Saturday Night Live cast member whose Olympic enthusiasm got her an official gig covering the Games for NBC, has been tweet-watching skaters and skiers from the States since Thursday, well before the Friday night opening ceremony. Some snowy weather in New York caused some flight delays Thursday, stranding Jones in Atlanta, but she’ll eventually make her way to PyeongChang for more commentary, athlete interviews and, of course, tweets.

So for a warm-up, here’s a sampling of Jones’ tweets so far. And just watch her make a star of Russian “skate villain” Mikhail Kolyada. “He’s not made for the next Terminator movie??”

“Their headsets are bedazzled! Now that’s diva!”

“Man, when he just throw your ass away, he just throw you away…”

“Yo, France got a sister!”

“Rocky 7?”

“For real I wore my hair like this for the BET Awards – look it up! Post it!

“Johnny Weir, baby, lets talk about that f*cking jacket!”

“A greeter at Walmart”

“This is how I want my man to carry me into the bedroom.”

“This is how I jump into a real bad relationship, just give it all to me…”

“Skate villain…Jesus, are we in danger?”

“The ice is his bitch. Yep, the ice is his bitch”

“This is how I want to walk into the donut place”

“Look at that! Did he do Beyonce?”


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