Stephen Colbert To Omarosa: Donald Trump Can Hear You Whisper About Him On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’


Under Donald Trump, terrifying news comes from the darndest places, Stephen Colbert observed. Thursday night’s terrifying news comes from CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Among the contestants is former White House adviser “and woman who has notes for the guy making her salad” Omarosa, who dished about the White House with housemate Ross Matthews.

In a clip, Omarosa is seen whispering emotionally to Ross about being haunted by Trump’s tweets and how she tried to keep him from tweeting — but Ivanka and others in the White House kept her separated from Trump.

“Oh really? You were haunted?!” Colbert ranted. “Out here, it’s been the Trumpetyville Horror!”

“Also, Omarosa, pro tip: When on a reality show, whispering doesn’t really work. Trump can still hear you.”

Most upsetting, when Ross asked her if we should all be worried about the Trump administration, she nods yes. Ross begs her to say that it’s “going to be okay.”

“No, it’s going to be not okay,” Omarosa says, dramatically.

“I believe you,” Colbert confides. “I had an inkling things weren’t going to be okay when Trump hired Omarosa to work in the White House.”


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