Life Imitates Art: ‘Fox & Friends’ Takes Page From Stephen Colbert’s ‘Our Cartoon President’


Life imitated art Wednesday morning when a Fox & Friends segment bore a striking resemblance to a running gag in Showtime’s new Our Cartoon President, from Stephen Colbert and Chris Licht. (You can watch that episode of Our Cartoon President and see for yourself below).

President Donald Trump’s favorite morning TV show featured the F&F gang discussing Trump’s plan to throw himself a big military parade.

Trump’s got an itch to preside over a display of American military might, and has been mulling how to scratch it. He toyed with the idea of throwing such a parade during his inauguration a year back, according to press reports. He got talked down on that one,  but Trump got the urge again in July when he visited French President Emmanuel Macron, and got treated to a big Bastille Day military display.

Military officials, on Trump’s orders, are looking into it. Fox & Friends weighed in Wednesday morning:

“There are a lot of people at the Pentagon who would love to show off all of the equipment,” Steve Doocy beamed.



“Yep,” chimed in co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

Only Brian Kilmeade balked at jumping on board: “I don’t know. It seems like a waste of money.”

Days earlier, Showtime made available Episode 1 of Our Cartoon President, its new animated half hour series, described as a “comedic take on the true-ish adventures of Donald Trump and his insiders.”

Early-ish in the episode Cartoon Trump asks White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders what happened at the end of that day’s F&F, explaining, “I only caught the first 170 minutes.”

“Brian Kilmeade said you’re fantastic?” Sanders answers cautiously.

Trump’s ears go up. “Kilmeade using a three syllable word?! What are you hiding?!” he barks.

Cut to that morning’s F&F:

Doocy: “I give Trump’s presidency a 10!”

“10 for me!” chimes in Ainsley.

Kilmeade’s turn: “Well I’m going to go with a 9, because a part of my brain is telling me that all of this is wrong.”

“My god. I’ve lost Kilmeade,” Trump scowls.

The episode focuses on the crafting of Trump’s first State of the Union Address. After it’s delivered, his Fox & Friends disciples discuss the next morning:

“I give the president’s speech a 10!” Doocy raves.

“10 over here!” echoes Ainsley.

Kilmeade: “I’m going to say 9.9. Because again, a tiny part of my brain – and its so small –  but it’s screaming that all of this is completely wrong.”

This Fox & Friends dynamic will be one of the show’s running gags, we hear. Just like for realsies.

You can watch the first episode of Our Cartoon President here, and see for yourself:

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