Nat Geo Heads To The Olympics For ‘Inside North Korea: Live From the Games’

National Geographic

EXCLUSIVE: National Geographic is going to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang — but they won’t be there to watch figure skating. With correspondent and host Bob Woodruff, Nat Geo will explore North Korea’s diplomatic legacy through the lens of the Olympics in Inside North Korea: Live from the Games. The hourlong special will premiere at 9 PM/8 PM CST on Sunday, Feb. 11.

The Pyeongchang Games will be a stone’s throw away from the Demilitarized Zone (50 miles to be specific) and Inside North Korea will put the escalating tensions between North Korea and the U.S. and its allies into perspective, exploring the relationship between geopolitics and international sporting events like the Olympics. North Korea has somewhat of a history wit the games, having boycotted the 1988 summer Olympic Games which were held in Seoul, South Korea. That being said, the world was shocked when they learned that they would participate in this year’s winter games. During the first days of the Pyeongchang Games, Nat Geo will dive into the parallel concerns captivating our attention: the political intrigue, nuclear threats and delicate balancing act on the Korean Peninsula that have the international community on edge.

“As a fan of National Geographic and its commitment to bold, unexpected programming, I’m looking forward to reporting from Pyeongchang,” said Woodruff, who will be making his ninth trip to the region. “North Korea’s participation in the games, and its recent show of unity with South Korea, is a significant moment in the history of the region. I’m eager to help put it all in perspective.”

“With the world watching the 2018 Pyeongchang Games, and North and South Korea planning to unite under one flag, it is an ideal time to bring viewers into the broader legacy of North Korea’s relationship with the Olympic Games,” adds National Geographic President, Original Programming & Production Tim Pastore. “National Geographic is a trusted source for a story like this, which reflects our extensive commitment to developing timely, important programing, much like our outstanding new documentary series Chain of Command, an intimate portrait of the war against violent extremism.”

The series will combine live, pre-taped and archival footage with insights from leading dignitaries and noted experts. This will be an installment of the network’s popular Inside North Korea series.

Inside North Korea: Live From the Games is produced by Lincoln Square Productions for National Geographic. Jeanmarie Condon, Ben Newman, Tim Pastore, Kevin Tao Mohs and Betsy Forhan are executive producers.

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