ICM Partners Signs D.C.-Based News Operation Politico To Expand IP Across Platforms


ICM Partners has just signed political news operation Politico to develop the organization’s IP across all platforms and to work together on the agency’s first-of-its kind political department and Politico’s Women Rule Iniative. As part of the agreement, the agency says it will “explore all aspects of Politico’s journalism and content for storytelling opportunities, whether on the big screen, docudramas, or investigative journalism books.” They are partnering to mine for both past and present content and then package and produce projects.

Politico was an upstart that began when John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei left The Washington Post to fill what they saw as a void in political reporting. They launched the site in 2007 and it has taken off to become one of the pre-eminent new organizations across the nation both online and in print editions.

The partnership, ICM Partners says, will also “support and prioritize” the news org’s Women Rule program, through a variety of ways, whether it be events, podcasts, summits, and that also includes working with ICM clients and industry execs.

The Women Rule program, founded in 2013, is a series produced by Politico with Google and The Tory Burch Foundation; in a nutshell, it brings together women from around the globe to inform and connect other women through newsmakers interviews and networking events. Their most recent podcast featured Martha Raddatz, ABC News’ chief global affairs correspondent and co-anchor of This Week talking about the journalist’s role as a political watchdog, for instance.

The relationship between the agency and Politico came out of that program when ICM began working with them about 18 months ago when Hannah Linkenhoker joined the agency as Senior Political Strategist.

“I love where Politico sits in the eco-system right now. I think they are this great bastion of true journalism. So I love the fact that is their brand and they represents what I always loved about news,” Chris Slbermann, Managing Director of ICM Partners told Deadline. “They are so cutting edge in how they track their traffic and what is connecting and what is not and they use it in a good way to serve their audience and connect with their audience. I respect Politico and we’re looking forward to helping to build that brand whether it is docu-drama scripted content, a weekly or monthly show in traditional form media and longer-form digital media that we already do. We’re passionate about the team over there.”

“Politico and ICM Partners were brought together through our common commitment to promoting the work and stories of women and are eager about the work we have to do together, said Linkenhoker. “We are incredibly proud to be working with Politico at a time when dedication to non-partisan journalism is paramount.”

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2018/02/icm-partners-signs-politico-news-operation-1202279417/