Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Boasts As Stock Market Plunges; Paul Ryan Tweets “Let Them Eat Ding Dongs”


Stephen Colbert opened Late Show noticing that, as Donald Trump was boasting about his tax cuts and the economy in Cincinnati on Monday, the stock market was jumping out a window.

Trump was upset Democrats did not clap for him at his State of the Union Address, which he first declared “unAmerican” then went with “treasonous” at the suggestion of someone in the crowd.

“They were like death,” the former reality TV star said of the Dems in the audience during his speech. “And unAmerican, and somebody said ‘treason.’ Yeah, why not? Shall we call that treason?”

“Don’t worry Mr. President, you could find out the exact definition of treason pretty soon,” Colbert said helpfully.

Main point of Trump’s speech was that everything is going great, his tax cut signature having set off a “tidal wave of good news that continues to grow every day.”

Instrumental in pushing through the tax cut, House Speaker Paul Ryan had tweeted a brag about a secretary who said her paycheck is going up $1.50 per week which “more than covers her Costco membership.”

“Now she’s just one historic tax cut away from a bus pass,” Colbert snarked.

Ryan took so much ribbing he pulled down that tweet, but did not delete the tweet that followed in which he boasted “These @taxreform ‘crumbs’ are really starting to add up.”  After the “tax overhaul” Hostess employees will get a “sweet treat” after the company announced employees will get to take home a multipack of the “product of the week.”

“That is good news, summed up by middle-class hero Marie Antoinette, who famously declared, ‘Let them eat Ding Dong,’” Colbert said.

While the secretary gets $1.50 and Hostess employees get a box of Ding Dongs, Ryan’s joint fundraising committee received nearly $500K from the Koch family 13 days after the tax cuts passed, Colbert told viewers.

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