Super Bowl Celebration In Philadelphia As Eagles Fans Take It To The Limit

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Philadelphians poured into the streets to celebrate the city’s first Super Bowl win, happily braying their joy despite a freezing rain and light poles covered in hydraulic fluid to prevent climbing.

The city has waited 57 years since their last football championship for this moment, and the joy was celebrated from Broad Street in South Philly through Center City as soon as Super Bowl LII was over. Reports of screaming, pots and pans banging, fireworks and champagne flowed, as people laughed and cried amid thundering Eagles chants.

Philadelphia last tasted sports victory 10 years ago when the Phillies baseball team won the World Series. The celebration of that triumph devolved into a mini-riot that saw 76 people arrested and some stores being looted.

But this time, the City of Brotherly Love seemed less raucous, perhaps because of the 37-degree weather. Early reports following the game, which ended at 10:18 ET, did not indicate any major problems.

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