Awesomeness Launches First DreamWorksTV OTT Offering Via Amazon

DreamWorksTV, the kids and family brand controlled by Awesomeness, is launching an OTT service on Amazon Channels.

The $4.99-per-month service aimed at boys and girls ages 6 to 12 is the first OTT offering for DreamWorksTV, which launched in 2014. The outlet had previously gained traction via YouTube, a mobile deal with Verizon and by building its presence online and on social media.

Amazon Channels enables à la carte subscriptions to OTT services. Premium cable networks and other content players have seen significant OTT uptake from the platform given Amazon’s scale and marketing heft.

DreamWorksTV features original short-form live-action and animated programming, including some familiar animated characters from the DreamWorks stable, including Trolls and Puss in Boots.

On the OTT platform, DreamWorksTV will offer subscribers a variety of originals throughout the year, with new episodes premiering every week. New shows exclusive to DreamworksTV on Amazon Channels include Schneck & Eck Crack the CaseAction Figures in ActionSecret Agent Challenge, and Neighborhood Super Watch.

“As we continue to grow the DreamWorksTV brand, this is an exciting step for us to explore revenue streams and brand engagement across platforms,” said Birk Rawlings, Head of DreamWorksTV. “We are excited to team up with Amazon Channels as they have a highly recognized and sought-after entertainment brand that has a huge opportunity in the kids space for compelling, exclusive, and original content – all of which this channel delivers.”

Investors in Awesomeness include Verizon, Hearst and Comcast, which bought DreamWorks Animation in 2016.

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