Dream On: Jimmy Kimmel Attempts Understanding Between Anti-DACA Hardliners And A Dreamer


Stormy Daniels was his big get, but another group of guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night just might linger longer in viewers’ memories. In a poignant – until it’s infuriating – taped segment, Kimmel attempts to broker some sort of understanding, if not peace, between a group of anti-DACA Trump supporters and a young Dreamer mother facing deportation.

He failed, at one point even telling one of the hard-liners, “I think this country has become cruel.”

Kimmel begins the segment by chatting, one on one, with the MAGA types – a cross section of people, only two of whom sport the telltale red Trump-style caps. The talk show host then introduces the group to Esmeralda, a young woman, holding her infant daughter, who has lived her all her life in the U.S. but faces deportation.

Still no group change of opinion, so Kimmel raises the stakes by introducing the Esmeralda’s fiance, a Kansas-born member of the¬†Army National Guard about to be deployed overseas.

Still no softening. One fellow vet even suggests the young woman go back and re-enter the U.S., a process, he’s told, that could take 10 years. “That’s what it takes then,” he said.

Kimmel does manage to shift one woman’s viewpoint, maybe, and begrudgingly.

Take a look at the clip above.

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