Stormy Daniels Plays Coy With Jimmy Kimmel: “I Don’t Know, Did I?”


In her much touted appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, former porn actress Stormy Daniels was by turns evasive, coy, combative, nervous and once or twice flirty, seeming to deny signing the most recent public statement released under her name, suggesting that she couldn’t talk about her alleged affair with Donald Trump because of a non-disclosure agreement, and comparing her appearance with Kimmel to a horror show.

Kimmel repeatedly attempted to get Daniels to fess up to the alleged 2006 affair she is reported to have had with a married Donald Trump, but Daniels either laughed off the questions, answered vaguely, rolled her eyes, or any combination of the three.

When Kimmel pointed out that perhaps Daniels couldn’t speak up because of the non-disclosure agreement she is thought to have signed (for a reported $130,000 in hush money), Daniels responded, “You’re so smart, Jimmy.”

Kimmel started the interview by reading the statement that, three hours prior, had been issued in Daniels’ name:

“Over the past few weeks I have been asked countless times to comment on reports of an alleged sexual relationship I had with Donald Trump many, many, many years ago. The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018. I am not denying the affair because I was paid ‘hush money’ as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying this affair because it never happened.”

But when Kimmel pointed out that the signature attached to the statement didn’t seem to match the signature on an earlier denial – or the signatures on Daniels’ busty publicity photos, which Kimmel held up to the camera –  Daniels played demure.

“I don’t know, did I ?,” she said, when asked if she signed the latest denial. “It doesn’t look like my signature.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Daniels swatted away Kimmel’s attempts to get a straight answer. Asked if she could imagine Trump watching the interview, she said, “I don’t want to imagine him.”

Asked whether the interview published by In Touch magazine, which the publication says is based on a 2011 interview with Daniels and which spells out, in detail, the 2006 affair – complete with descriptions of unprotected “textbook generic” sex with Trump and his obsessive fear of sharks – Daniels said, “I honestly haven’t read the whole transcript.” As Kimmel started to read through the transcript, Daniels said, “I thought this was a talk show, not a horror movie.”

When asked whether it’s true she signed a porn DVD for Trump, Daniels said, “He does have good taste, I guess.”

At one point, Kimmel asked Daniels what she thought of Trump’s campaign tactic of bringing Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment accusers to his debate with Hillary Clinton.

“Odd, no,” she said. “Dirty, yes. And I know a lot about dirty. Even I wouldn’t do that.” Asked whether she had ever had sex with someone whose name rhymed with Lonald Lump, Daniels said, “I’ll call you whatever you want me to call you, baby.”

Kimmel also presented three carrots, of varying sizes, and asked her, with no comment, to pick one. She made a silly joke about carats, but no sillier than Kimmel’s carrot stunt. When the host brought out two puppets to play a game of “Never Have I Ever,” Daniels joked, “This feels like an SVU episode.”

Several times Kimmel seemed to display anger or at least a certain umbrage. He asked her if she feels guilt “towards Melania”. “I feel guilt towards my family,” she said, adding that her young daughter could be exposed to the Internet chatter.

And when Kimmel asked if it’s true that she once claimed she could detail Donald Trump’s “junk” (Kimmel’s word), Daniels laughingly asked, “What is wrong with you?”

“What is wrong with you, is the question,” responded Kimmel.

Watch the interview above, and here’s a pre-show promo:

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