Alyssa Milano’s #StateOfTheDream Champions Immigration, Equality, Resistance During Trump’s SOTU

While Donald Trump gave his first State of the Union address tonight, Alyssa Milano hosted her State of the Dream initiative as promised.

As a very vocal activist — particularly against Trump — Milano referred to State of the Dream as an act of resistance and counter-programming. Milano served as host of the digital event which included brief videos from Americans describing their dreams for the country. She also provided #StateOfTheDream toolkits to use for the event. As Trump gives his own spiel on how to “Make America Great Again,” Milano and those posting their #StateOfTheDream videos about what “truly makes America great” and how people from different places, races and creeds will work together for a more perfect union.  She says that the digital initiative will “express our vision for a more inclusive, progressive America” and address support the DREAM Act, immigrants, fundraise for United We Dream.

As soon as Trump took the dais for the State of the Union, videos and tweets with tagged with #StateOfTheDream started flooding in with Milano leading the charge, “I believe that a dream is a beacon of hope…a light that lives inside of us all,” she says in her video. “My dream…my hope is that every child has a happy, healthy protected life and every mother has the opportunity to see their child grow to their fullest potential.”

She continues, “Today we are living in unprecedented times. I invite you to join me in being an advocate and reminding our lawmakers to keep our children’s future at the forefront of their agenda.”

Civilians, celebrities and even politicians posted videos expressing their dreams and visions which included proper healthcare, supporting immigration and the DREAM act, and championing diversity and inclusion.

Milano encouraged politicians to post videos and among those that followed her lead were Democratic candidate Harley Rouda, who is running for Congress in California; Jess King, a working mom running for Congress in PPennsylvania aswell as Congress candidate from Massachusetts Bill Cimbreio.

Oscar-nominated actress Minnie Driver, an immigrant who recently became an American citizen, was one of the first to post a video, saying “My vision of America is one in which everyone is welcome regardless of religion, race, countryorigin. It is the people that make America great — the communities, the tolerance, and the diversity — not bigoted policies. I stand with the dreamers.

Amber Tamblyn followed, saying that her dream for America is “great openness” and that people are treated as human beings and “not bargaining chips.” She continued saying that she hopes that her daughter knows that “she is not an object belonging to others but a subject belonging to her own god given potential” and that “her whiteness is not the only validated voice she hears or sees.”

Piper Perabo used a Robert Frost poem to illustrate her dream.

Actress Frances Fisher also posted her “dream.”

Many actors and actresses didn’t post videos but instead urged action and resistance.

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