State Of The Union Livestream: Watch Donald Trump’s Speech To Congress & The World


After a full year of making America great again or whatever, Donald Trump is set to make his first State of the Union address to Congress tonight. It’s bound to be a much scrutinized and widely viewed speech — one you can watch here starting at 6 PM PT via the official White House livestream above.


We can expect some talk about North Korea, the economy, jobs and such — but anyone who thinks they know exactly what he’ll bring up tonight likely has been talking to a volleyball for the past 2 1/2 years. Will there be a Richard Nixon moment where Trump addresses the Russia investigation? (“Fake news, folks, believe me.”) Will he crow about the Devin Nunes memo’s pending release? (“Real news, folks, believe me.”) Will he pick a winner in the Super Bowl? (“Tom Brady has said some very nice things about me, and he’s a Patriot, so there’s your answer.”)

Cable news’ breathless, daylong run-up to the speech has mentioned that Trump will give “eye-opening” remarks about North Korea and address a path-to-citizenship proposal, all while stressing the need for unity among Americans. Bring it on, Don.

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