Anita Busch Settles Longtime Legal Battle With Michael Ovitz

Michael Ovitz

Almost 16 years after Anita Busch discovered a dead fish on the shattered front window of her car, along with the threatening word “Stop”, the journalist has come to a settlement with former CAA boss Mike Ovitz.

“The matter has been resolved between our client and Michael Ovitz,” Busch attorney Evan Marshall told Deadline today, revealing no details. Seemingly hammered out in recent days and announced by Busch’s lawyers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday morning, this confidential agreement brings to an end one of the most controversial cases in recent Hollywood history.

Set to now be dismissed, the long-fought battle between the veteran journalist and former Hollywood power player was scheduled to go to trial early next month after numerous delays. Busch, at the Los Angeles Times when the original incident occurred in 2002, is now Deadline’s Film Editor.

Winding through the courts for more than a decade and with Steven Seagal added as player, the accusation has been that Ovitz was behind Anthony Pellicano’s harassment and intimidation of Busch due to his dislike of the stories being written and pursued about him. Tape recordings unearthed in the Pellicano investigation revealed conversations between Ovitz and the investigator in which the former was complaining strongly about being in the media spotlight.

The case, which resulted in the arrest and conviction of Pellicano back in 2002, embroiled Hollywood lawyers and celebs as the PI to the Stars was brought down; Busch testified in two federal RICO/racketeering trials. It is still unknown whether Busch will pursue a separate case against Pellicano, who was severed from her lawsuit case late last year. He is serving the rest of his sentence at Terminal Island in San Pedro, CA and is due for release on March 22, 2019.

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