Conan Borrows Fox News Channel Logo To Send Donald Trump A Message From Haiti


Conan O’Brien discovered Haitians aren’t too receptive to Americans since Donald Trump called their home a sh*thole.

Conan In Haiti and crew got a mixed reception when they traveled there for four days.

Conan kicked off his one-hour special with a short history of the island, including Spain’s invasion, France’s invasion, African slaves imported, much gold taken, slave revolt, U.S. steps in, more gold gone and, more recently, massive 7.0 earthquake in 2010, devastating 2016 hurricane, POTUS insult-hurling.

“The Haitians have been dealt the worse in Western Hemisphere,” Conan said, to recap.

While there seems to be a serious hate going on for Trump in the area these days, the locals also aren’t terribly fond of journalists who show up,  they told Conan, to “only show the bad parts.”

Some residents wanted to deliver their thoughts to Trump. Conan went to great lengths to make sure the messages hit their mark, slapping a Fox News Channel and Fox & Friends show logos, as well as the headline “More Praise For Trump,” in a banner cross the bottom of the screen.


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