‘The Happy Prince’s Rupert Everett On Telling The “Riches-To-Rags” Story of Oscar Wilde – Sundance Studio


When The Happy Prince helmer Rupert Everett decided the angle on his directorial debut Oscar Wilde film, the actor, who has portrayed the famed poet and playwright on various occasions, thought “it would be amazing to do another film about Oscar Wilde but attacking the end up his life” as oppose to the other three, which focus on Wilde’s life before he goes to prison.

Everett’s pic details the final three years (1897–1900) in the life of Oscar Wilde. Sequestered at a remote seaside hotel in France by faithful friends, a buoyant Wilde is soon restlessly traversing Europe under assumed names, beset by familiar impulses: to reunite with his estranged wife or his former lover Sir Alfred “Bosie” Douglas (CMorgan), whose former provocations brought Wilde to ruin. Fading health, dwindling funds, and still more betrayals await Wilde, who relentlessly seeks love and creative outlets in whatever taverns and alleyways still welcome him.

“The most exciting part is this riches-to-rags side of him. The terrible fall from being a huge celebrity to being on the streets to me was very romantic.”

Joining Everett at Deadline’s Sundance Studio were co-stars Colin Morgan and Edwin Thomas. Colin Firth and Emily Watson also star in the film.

Check out the interview above where Morgan talks about his experience playing a real-life person.

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