Conan Checks Out Haiti School In Wake Of Donald Trump’s “Sh*thole” Review

TBS late-night host Conan O’Brien showed viewers another clip from his visit to Haiti; this time a glimpse of his visit to scholarship students at Ecole Nouvelle Zoranje, in Port-au-Prince.

Conan recently tweeted he was on his way to Haiti “to explore and make some new friends,” despite President Donald Trump’s very negative Yelp review of the republic.  Trump made headlines when he asked members of Congress why the U.S. was taking in immigrants from “sh*thole” countries including Haiti. Trump also is alleged to have said recently that Haitians “all have AIDS.”

Conan, positioned in late-night as the host who inserts himself into significant political stories, previously offered to help broker Middle East solutions with a road trip to Israel, explaining he has more experience with foreign relations than Jared Kushner. Conan also traveled to Mexico City. He made headlines as the first American late-night host to shoot in Cuba in more than 50 years, and the first ever to host a show from South Korea and, momentarily, North Korea.

Conan in Haiti airs on TBS, Saturday at 10 PM ET.

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