Slate’s News Staff Votes to Join WGA East

Slate, WGA East

The editorial staff of Slate has voted to be represented by the WGA East – the latest in a growing list of online news organizations whose writers and editors have voted to unionize. Following the vote, the news outlet’s management agreed to recognize the union as its staff’s collective bargaining representative.

“Employees at Slate have made themselves heard, resounding in their decision to join the movement for collective bargaining across the industry,” said WGA East executive director Lowell Peterson. “We look forward to working together to craft a contract that addresses their concerns and ensures that they participate in the decisions that affect their professional lives.”

“We’re thrilled by the result of today’s vote and grateful that Slate management agreed to let us conduct it in an independent and fair fashion,” the Slate Union Organizing Committee said in a statement. “This vote confirms that an overwhelming majority of Slate employees want to organize with the Writers Guild of America East and that they want the benefits and protections that come from union membership. We’re all proud to work for Slate, and we believe that unionizing will help us ensure that it is the best possible place to work. We’re excited we’ll now have the chance to do just that.”

Over 1,000 digital news staffers have joined the guild in the last two and a half years of the WGA East’s ongoing campaign to unionize online newsrooms around the country. The guild’s organizing victory at Slate comes two weeks after the editorial staff at Vox Media – and one week after the reporters and editors at the Los Angeles Times – voted to be represented by the guild. The guild already represents the editorial staffs at Salon, VICE Media, the Huffington Post, MTV News, The Intercept, ThinkProgress, Thrillist, and the Gizmodo Media Group.

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