Ann Curry Tells ‘The View’: “I Did Not Have A Button In My Office” At ‘Today’

Ann Curry, promoting her PBS show We’ll Meet Again on various TV talk shows whose hosts do their best to turn the talk to Matt Lauer, visited The View on Tuesday.

“You were the victim of quite a bit of abuse, if it was not sexual, it was a nasty behavior toward you… And you said you became inured to it,” Joy Behar jumped in.

“Places where we work can be a little bit like a Hall of Mirrors,” Curry said. “All of a sudden, things you would never imagine that you would accept or tolerate, you start to get used to and say, ‘This is what I need to do to carry the ball forward’.”

“Women all across this country, in all kinds of industries are doing that,” she said, but are finally saying “enough is enough.” Converation should focus on the victims, she said.

“In a way you are a victim,” Behar jumped in, yanking the conversation back to Lauer. “Let me ask you – just nod if it’s true – Did he have a button in his office?”

“This is the allegation that he had a button in his office, that a girl was in the office and he could lock her into the office. Am I right or wrong?”

‘I don’t know that from personal experience,” Curry said.

“Did you have a button in your office?” Behar pressed.

“I did not have a button in my office,” Curry responded.

“Okay – that’s the answer!” Behar told viewers.


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