Bill Cosby Addresses Retrial, Plays Drums During Jazz Club Performance


As promised, Bill Cosby performed at a Philadelphia jazz club today. His appearance is his first show since he ducked out of public performances in May 2015 after he was faced with sexual abuse allegations.

His hometown performance comes with his retrial for the alleged 2004 rape of Andrea Constand on the horizon. During the event, he told stories, played drums, and didn’t shy away from addressing the retrial. NBC 10 Philadelphia asked him point blank if he had some comments and after some pushback from his camp, Cosby said, “No wait, I’ll answer that.”

“No ma’am,” he said. “I came here tonight to enjoy being with my friends and musicians and the people who came.” Even though he addressed the retrial, he didn’t necessarily make any comments about it.

When asked if it is tough for him to go out into public since the scandal broke he said, “No. This is life and life changes. I go out.” He goes on to say that he doesn’t have fear of going out in public and added, “I have never really called upon media to show up.”

The show at the LaRose Jazz Club was part of a program honoring jazz musician Tony Williams.

His performance comes after Cosby put up photos of himself online out and about around Philly wearing gear of the now Super Bowl bound Eagles. His public appearance also comes as a Norristown, PA judge has determined that March 29 will be the beginning of the effort to find a jury for the currently April 2 starting retrial.

Watch the video of his interview below.

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