‘Dark Money’ Exclusive Clip: Feature Doc Premieres At Sundance Tomorrow

Dark Money

To get elected anymore in this country you need to be a millionaire or have access to a great deal of money — but where is that money coming from? Following the money is what filmmaker Kimberly Reed’s Dark Money tries to do during an election in Montana. The film is in the U.S. Documentary competition at Sundance this year. The film follows an investigative reporter on the trail of a major legal case in Montana which all ties back to ‘dark money’ political ad campaign spending that no one is privy to where the funding is coming from. The documentary reveals how this practice is devastating elections throughout the country.

The film from Kimberly Reed (director/writer/producer/cinematographer), is having its premiere tomorrow night at Sundance. Many of the film subjects attending, including Ann Ravel, Commissioner, Federal Election Commission from 2013 – 2017, Obama’s FEC chair who resigned under Trump. Also attending will be Reed, the investigative reporter John S. Adams, Ed Bender (founder, followthemoney.org), John Heenan & Gene Jarussi (Special Attorneys General, Montana), and Jonathan Motl (Commissioner of Political Practices, Montana).

The documentary logline: “A century ago, corrupt money swamped Montana’s legislature, but Montanans rose up to prohibit corporate campaign contributions. Today, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision — which allows unlimited, anonymous money to pour into elections nationwide — Montana is once again fighting to preserve open and honest elections. Following an investigative reporter through a political thriller, Dark Money exposes one of the greatest threats to American democracy.

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