Andrea Riseborough And ‘Nancy’ Director Christina Choe On Finding Truth In Fiction – Sundance Studio

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Continuing her banner year at the Sundance Film Festival, with four films in the program, Andrea Riseborough made her second trip to Deadline’s Sundance Studio with her producorial debut, Nancy. Bringing with her writer/director Christina Choe, Riseborough expounded on the power she felt in Choe’s script, about a young woman (played by Riseborough) with a habit for spinning fantastical stories around her quiet life as a temp. When she sees a report on TV about parents whose daughter was abducted years prior, the photofit of what she might look like today looks similar enough to Nancy that she reaches out to them.

“Nancy blurs the line between truth and fiction,” said Choe. But the character’s fictions are almost a form of therapy, as she struggles to find her place in the world. “I think it’s a film about the slippery nature of truth and identity and intimacy and love.”

Riseborough said she responded to the imperfections of Nancy, and latched onto the project as an example of a story about a woman whose attributes and flaws were allowed to co-exist. “Christina created that character and allowed her to be imperfect,” Riseborough said. “She’s a truth-bender, which is sadly timely at the minute. Fact and fiction seem to be blurring an awful lot at the minute.”

See more from Riseborough and Choe in the video above.

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