Government Shutdown: Hollywood, Beltway Speak Out On Stand-Off


The federal government shutdown – aka the Trump Shutdown or the Schumer Shutdown, depending on your perspective – continues apace, as Senators head into yet another day of talking, arm-twisting and finger-pointing as they work to strike a deal.

The shutdown went into effect at midnight after the Senate couldn’t get to the necessary 60 votes to pass the House funding bill. How intractable are the stumbling points, DACA and the Wall? President Donald Trump blew off his planned weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago where he was intending to celebrate his inauguration anniversary with a big, expensive Saturday night bash. (“Furious” is how MSNBC’s Joy Reid describes what she hears about the President’s mood, see Tweet below).

Whatever work stoppages and furloughs might come along, the shutdown certainly didn’t extend to Twitter. Here, a selection of Hollywood and Beltway reactions to the sudden cutting of government purse strings.

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