Jack Henry Robbins Continues Exploration Of VHS Format With ‘Painting With Joan’ — Sundance Studio

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For the second year in a row, writer/director Jack Henry Robbins is in Park City with a film that plays with form, to comedic effect.

Starring Kerry Kenney (who’s also at the festival in Netflix release A Futile and Stupid Gesture), the VHS short is a Bob Ross-inspired take on a public access painting show. “It’s about this really weird woman who does this painting show, and it’s slowly revealed that she’s painting something very sexual and weird,” Robbins said. “We’ve been messing around with VHS projects for a while, just because it’s such a fun, nostalgic way to do comedy.”

Appearing with Jack at Deadline’s Sundance Studio was the director’s father, Oscar-winning actor Tim Robbins, the filmmaker’s producer and biggest fan. As far as the filmmaking goes, Tim believes in letting Jack “do his thing.”

“He edits it together and then I get to share in the glory,” Tim Robbins joked, looking at his son. “I’ll tell you, being here at Sundance two years in a row with you, it’s been a big highlight of my career. Just the idea that people are seeing the work you’re doing, it’s really funny.”

The elder Robbins will soon be see in a new HBO series, Here and Now, which is tonally in a different universe than Jack Henry’s short. Robbins plays Greg Bishop, the patriarch of a multi-racial family whose lives change when one of the children begins seeing things that the rest cannot.

Here and Now premieres on the premium cabler on Sunday, February 11.

To view Deadline’s conversation with Tim and Jack Henry Robbins, click above.

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