‘Maude’ Director/Star On Female Filmmakers That Have “Always Done It All” — Sundance Studio

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A successful indie actress who has starred in films premiering at SXSW, Tribeca, and Cannes—and yes, Sundance—Anna Margaret Hollyman is in Park City this year with Maude, a short film that she wrote and directed, and in which she stars.

Struggling to make ends meet while working on “very artistically fulfilling films,” Hollyman turned in the past to “a variety of survival jobs,” one of which was babysitting.

This situation became the impetus for Maude, inspired by a hypothetical the director posed for herself: “What would happen if I showed up to somebody’s house one day and the person who answered the door was a former classmate of mine?”

“Feeling the divide of where you are as a woman in life, when you haven’t quite made it professionally, nor have you made it as a grown-up woman,” Hollyman channeled those feelings into her short, pushing past her own “imposter syndrome” in a career turning-point, as she took her career into her own hands in a new way.

Commenting on opportunities for women in Hollywood today while appearing at Deadline’s Sundance Studio, Hollyman mentioned inspiration found in female filmmakers who have come forward to create their own—among them, Lady Bird writer/director Greta Gerwig and The OA co-creator Brit Marling, another Sundance alum.

“They’ve always done it all. They’ve been able to write amazing scripts, and I think there’s a necessity for it,” the director said. “I think that things are starting to shift a little bit, and there’s more parts that are being written—and I do think it’s no surprise that a lot of those parts are being written by women, for women.”

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