Freeform Unveils New Logo & “A Little Forward” Tagline

Freeform Logo

Just a few days after the second anniversary of ABC Family’s revamp as Freeform, the network targeting “becomers”  revealed a new logo and a new tagline in a new branding campaign launched at the inaugural Freeform Summit today. The new logo includes the letters FF, which stand for Freeform (as well as Fast Forward, among other things), and the new tagline, “A Little Forward.,” on black background.  For comparison, you can see Freeform previous, more colorful logo on right.

“At Freeform, we’re purposefully and passionately moving our brand forward by defying expectations and dismantling conventions; busting stereotypes of theme, cast and culture in service to a more inclusive world on and off screen,” said Tom Ascheim, president of Freeform.

The new marketing campaign was accompanied by a brand narrative video that further explains the “A Little Forward” tagline.  You can watch it below. (A bit of trivia: the last network to use Forward in a tagline was MSNBC, which briefly employed “Lean Forward” as its slogan.)

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