Freeform Developing Futuristic Drama ‘Augs’ From ‘Dark Skies’ Scott Stewart & Anonymous Content


Freeform has put in development Augs, an hourlong futuristic drama from Dark Skies director-writer-producer Scott Stewart and Anonymous Content.

Written by Stewart, Augs takes place in the all-too-near future when society is divided into two classes: Augs, the privileged who can afford the latest technological-biological enhancements that provide an always-connected augmented reality view of the world, and Norms, the disenfranchised rest who’ve become a nearly invisible underclass.

Set in the moneyed, suburban enclave of Cambio Point, Augs follows Gennifer Wells, an ambitious and popular Aug girl who falls in love with Bodhi Bright, the mysterious new guy in town. The only problem is he’s a Norm, which causes her friends and family to turn against her. As she realizes being enhanced isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, Gennifer is forced to make a choice between the privileged augmented world she knows and the strange boy she loves, who prefers to see things through his “unenhanced” eyes. But her choice will not be easy, as forces on both sides conspire to keep them apart.

Stewart also will direct and produce with Anonymous Content’s Jeff Okin.

Stewart recently directed the pilot for Freeform’s upcoming mermaid drama Siren. His other credits include executive producing and directing Dominion and Defiance, both for Syfy. He’s repped by WME and Anonymous Content.

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