Arnold Schwarzenegger “Shocked” About Eliza Dushku’s ‘True Lies’ Allegations, Calls Her “So Courageous”


True Lies star Arnold Schwarzenegger has weighed on the controversy surrounding Eliza Dushku’s allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of that 1994 film’s stunt coordinator, Joel Kramer.

Replying to a tweet by co-star Tom Arnold, the former California governor wrote:

Over the weekend, Dushku went public with allegations that Kramer sexually molested her when she was 12 years old during filming of True Lies. Since Saturday, several people have come out in support of the actress or to back her claims, including her mother and brother, her former agent, a friend, her legal guardian on the set and co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold. The action movie’s director James Cameron said at TCA on Saturday, “Had I known about it, there would have been no mercy.”

She also claims that after Kramer was confronted by an adult she’d confided in, he intentionally injured her, breaking her ribs, in a stunt that went wrong during filming of the film’s Harrier Jet scene. “Whereas he was supposed to be my protector, he was my abuser,” the Bull actress wrote in a lengthy Facebook posting.

Kramer, whose talent agency dropped him Sunday, has denied Dushku’s allegations.

Dushku starred as the daughter of the characters played by Schwarzenegger and Curtis, and Kramer, who has long been Schwarzenegger personal stunt double, was the film’s stunt coordinator.

Two more women went public today with allegations against Kramer. Although Kramer has denied Dushku’s allegations, he acknowledged that few years later, he had a sexual encounter with the 16-year-old friend of the 15-year-old sister of a stunt woman who worked for him on Virus. The police were called, but said they couldn’t do anything because the age of consent in the state is 16.

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