Paramount Network Boss Addresses Harvey Weinstein’s Involvement In TWC Series ‘Waco’ & ‘Yellowstone’ – Update

'Waco' - Paramount Network

2nd Update: Paramount Network president Kevin Kay continued to expound on the cable channel excising its upcoming series Waco and Yellowstone from its producer the Weinstein Co. in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandal last fall.

“What happened there, what Harvey did is disgusting and disheartening. When we read about it, we talked with those involved with the series at the Weinstein Co,” said Kay.

“There are hundreds of people who worked on both Waco and Yellowstone (above and below the line production staffs) and these people shouldn’t be penalized for what went on there (with Harvey Weinstein). That has nothing to do with them and we want a safe workplace. Nobody wants to be associated with the things that went on there,” continued the executive who says that when a refurbished company with new management arises from Weinstein, Paramount Network would then provide credit to the new brand on both Waco and Yellowstone. 

“I’m hopeful they’ll find new management with a new point of view and direction. There’s a lot of good people working at the Weinstein Company. They should keep their jobs,” said Kay.

One reporter asked Kay to walk him through the logistics regarding how Paramount Network could just dictate to a producer that they should remove their name from a project, “just because you think the company is gross.”

“We can do it,” says Kay, “it’s something we went to them with and they agreed to do it.”

When asked by the press today at TCA, what percentage of dollars that the Weinstein Co. invested in both Yellowstone and Waco, Kay said, “I’m not going to talk about money. That’s confidential information, we’ll figure all of that out.”

1st Update, 9:27AM: At Monday’s TCA, Kevin Kay, president of Paramount Network, TV Land and CMT reiterated in his opening remarks that the upcoming series Waco and Yellowstone for Paramount Network will not have the Weinstein Co. credits or logo on them, even though that company was involved in production.

Kay also emphasized that Harvey Weinstein was never part of the creative process on both series.

“As many of you know our production partner on Yellowstone and Waco is the Weinstein Co. I want to say definitively that Harvey Weinstein has never been part of the creative process. Until a new name of the company is announced, Weinstein Co. will not be listed in the credits for either show,” said Kay this morning before the TCA press corps.

Shortly after the first sexual harassment allegations were made against Harvey Weinstein in October, Paramount Network said it would remove his name as an executive producer on all projects and also replace Weinstein TV with the company’s new name when available.

The Paramount Network, Viacom’s rebrand of Spike TV, launches on January 18.


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