‘Schitt’s Creek’ Was Inspired By The Kardashians & ‘Real Housewives’


While hit comedy Schitt’s Creek is moving into its fourth season, it first began with an idea inspired by the Kardashians and the Real Housewives, co-creator Daniel Levy said at TCA on Sunday.

The show follows the Rose family after they abruptly lose their fortune and are forced to live in the small town they purchased year before as a joke.

“About six years ago, the reality-based Real Housewives/Kardashians franchises were really on an upswing,” Levy said, “and I remember feeling so inundated with extreme wealth, that my curiosity went to this place of, ‘What would these families look like if it were to go away?’ Because so much of what we see is reliant on gifts that are given and parties that are thrown. If that was stripped away, would there be love there, and what would those bare bones relationships look like? That was really what started off the conversation.”

Levy took the idea to his father Eugene Levy, and the show — which stars them both as father and son — was born.

When asked if President Trump’s recent use of swear words had freed them to speak aloud the title of their show without fear of reprisal, Daniel Levy laughed. “In terms of doing press for radio and TV it was always quite a contentious thing — could we say it? Could we not?” he said. “I feel like the doors have sort of been blown open in a terrible way. At the time, I was thinking, ‘Couldn’t we just say it?’ And now I wish we could go back to those days.”

This new season will premiere on January 24th, with Catherine O’Hara returning as mom Moira Rose and Annie Murphy as sister Alexis. This time we’ll see the family moving more and more toward genuine connection in the midst of financial struggle.

“It’s a family learning to become a family without the assurance of a lot of money,” Eugene Levy said. “Money was the band-aid that cured all hurts in this family and they’re realizing it’s not going to be as easy to get out of this town and that life does go on. It’s very natural now that each individual member of this family is starting to experience things they’ve never experienced before in their lives.”

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