‘Let’s Get Physical’ Cast Discusses Smiling Stupidity Of ’80s Aerobics — TCA


“I love aerobics because of the smiling stupidity of it all,” Let’s Get Physical star Matt Jones told TV critics Sunday at TCA, summing up the consensus in the room.

Jones came with other cast members to pitch the Pop network series, debuting January 24; minus the series creators. The panel quickly devolved into a discussion about hatred and uselessness of aerobics, the hideousness of spandex, and what TV critics should be eating but which no network has been serving during the two-plus-week junket in Pasadena.

Pop describes its new series as a modern-day set comedy capturing the zeitgeist of 1980s aerobics. Jones plays middle-aged slacker Joe Force as he makes a reluctant comeback to the industry when his “Godfather of Aerobics” dad dies. Dad leaves him the run-down family gym, but an odd clause in his will as to what it will take for Joe to inherit the family fortune. Janet Force (Jane Seymour) is his mom,  Barry Cross (Chris Diamantopoulos) his rival, and Claudia (AnnaLynne McCord) his former


girlfriend/Barry’s wife.

Each got asked if they go to the gym.

“I don’t. I’m kind of agoraphobic,” said Diamantopoulos, adding his brother runs a strength-training facility but believes going to the gym makes no difference in one’s appearance, which is entirely about diet.

“What should we be eating?” one TV critic asked, hoping to get something out of this panel. Stay away from sugar and flour, eat fat, good quality protein, fruits and vegetables, he learned.

The cast also got asked to weigh in, pro or con, on the 1985 film Perfect, based on Rolling Stone articles from a decade earlier about single people in the Los Angeles health club scene.

They agreed that Perfect is a grinding opus.

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