‘SNL’ Host Sam Rockwell Drops F-Bomb Before Weekend Update Does S-Hole


UPDATE, with Rockwell & Weekend Update videos Forget s-hole. Sam Rockwell jumped straight to the big F-bomb during an early sketch on tonight’s Saturday Night Live – a full half-hour before Weekend Update’s Colin Jost and Michael Che both said “shithole” in covering this week’s latest White House news.

(Watch Rockwell above, and Weekend Update below).

During a sketch in which Rockwell played a host of a PBS Kids’ science program, the actor, in character a little too well, was getting increasingly frustrated with the dumb kids and their incorrect answers about even the simplest science questions.

“You can’t be this f*cking stupid,” Rockwell blurted, then immediately, and in character, apologized. “I’m sorry. Kids aren’t stupid.” (Watch an NBC-edited version above; the disappeared curse happens at the 2:51 mark).

Mikey Day and Cecily Strong, as the f-ing stupid kids, stayed in character too, looking pretty surprised.

Rockwell, of course, wasn’t the first to cross that barrier on SNL. That honor goes to Paul Shaffer (1980). And of course Charles Rocket (’81) and Jenny Slate (on her first episode in ’09) all but sealed their short-run fates with the word. Norm MacDonald did it in ’97, Samuel L. Jackson in 2012 and, most recently, Kristen Stewart last year.

And that’s not including the musical acts.

As for the Update anchors, even with their vulgarity thunder stolen, Jost and Che were more than ready to take on the president’s recent obscenity and, not least, its racism.

Jost started, at first saying “s-holes – that’s what NBC asked us to say, by the way, even though the president can say shithole. Oops.”

Trump’s crudity coming just before Martin Luther King Day, said Jost, “is like pounding a case of beer on your way to rehab. Now I’m just worried about what he’s going to say the day before Passover.”

Che’s best line on the topic: He noted that the countries insulted by Trump are rich in natural resources but “have been robbed and exploited for centuries by Western powers, so the President of The United States calling Africa a shithole is like telling a kid you molested, ‘boy, did you grow up to be weird.’ ”

Take a look:



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