YouTube’s Robert Kyncl On Logan Paul: “All His Projects Are On Hold Indefinitely” — TCA

YouTube star Logan Paul’s fall from grace is complete, it was confirmed on Saturday at TCA“We’ve put all his projects on hold indefinitely,” the channel’s Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl said.


Following Paul’s recent video in which he and his friends laughed at the body of a man who’d committed suicide in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, uproar and widespread disgust has raged among viewers, and he was called out on social media in what can only be called a PR disaster for YouTube.

Addressing the potential pitfalls of working with renegade young creators on the channel, Kyncl said, “Some of them are very young and sometimes get themselves in hot water,” adding, “I want to make sure that we all recognize that a few misssteps don’t spoil the work of all the other hardworking creators on YouTube.”

Paul’s response to his removal from the channel was not revealed. However Kyncl said, “Obviously we believe he’s made unfortunate misssteps. He’s expressed remorse quickly and is leaning from this experience…the most important thing to focus on is actions should speak louder than words.”

Kyncl said that damage control in a case like this is primarily about protecting, “the community of creators, users and advertisers.”

He also said the channel will soon announce changes that will further protect the YouTube community.



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