TLC “Very Comfortable” Having Carter Oosterhouse On ‘Trading Spaces’

Trading Spaces

TLC President/GM Nancy Daniels says the company takes very seriously the accusation of sexual harassment against Trading Spaces carpenter turned reality-TV star Carter Oosterhouse.

TLC recently announced Oosterhouse would be among the Trading Spaces legacy cast members coming back to the series reboot debuting this spring. But, last month, a makeup artist, who worked with him on his HGTV series Carter Can, claimed in a published report that he coerced her into performing oral sex multiple times under threat of losing her job.  Oosterhouse has said their sexual encounters were consensual and initiated by her.

At TCA on Friday afternoon, Daniels said the company looked into that allegation, and also into his tenure on Trading Spaces. “At the end of the day, we feel very comfortable continuing to work with Carter on the show,” she told critics.

Daniels got asked why Oosterhouse was not at TCA to take questions.She said he was “unavailable to attend” and did not elaborate.

Those returning show designers who were on the panel got asked about what is believed by many to have been the show’s most epic renovation reaction, by homeowner Pam, who was heard off camera sobbing when she saw what had been done to her fireplace.

“I have to defend Pam,” Frank Bielec said, saying she “took a lot of heat,” for her reax, that people made fun of her and were “incredibly judgemental.”

Her reaction was “honest” – and “that reaction put the show “on the map,” he said.

Some TV critics also thought they’d pick up some free design advice; one asked what trend is out.

“Like shiplap?” snarked Sabrina, Soto, one of the show’s new designers.

The ninth season of Trading Spaces premieres at 9 PM Saturday, April 7, preceded at 8 PM by an hour-long reunion special

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