‘Portlandia’s Very Last Question At Its Final TCA Panel Is….

The very last question the creators of Portlandia will ever take at TCA was, appropriately:

Is this the first time you have worked with a horse?

“This was our first horse experience,” series creator Fred Armisen acknowledged.

“It seemed like a very tame horse,” the critic said, which, technically, was an observation, not a follow-up question.

Armisen and the series’ other creator Carrie Brownstein, as well as star Kyle MacLachlan, came to talk one last time about their IFC series as it debuts its final season on January 18. Armisen said they decided they would wrap their spoof of Portland, Oregon at Season 8 so as to have “some sense of control over how to conclude the series, as opposed to it getting away from us or getting canceled.”

Sentimental TV critics wanted them to talk about the extra care and consideration that went into the show’s last batch of episodes. Brownstein said they focused on avoiding sentimentality.

Getting back to the horse question, Armisen said they had some “fake horse stuff” and some “found footage,” informing some bewildered reporters that the scene takes place way out in a wilderness that’s been taken over by wild horses who are “like vermin.”

“When you see horse stuff on TV it’s so nice, but walking through the field is very tricky,” he said.

“I own 19-odd horses, 30-odd horses,” Armisen continued. And, he confided, the hardest part is that they need upkeep no matter what they’re doing. The expense of horse ownership, he advised, is more in the property, the land, than in the actual animal itself as an investment.

“It’s an amazing last question,” Brownstein said approvingly, adding, “That’s it, a wrap on Portlandia.

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