Conan O’Brien Tells TV Critics Of Program Proliferation: “Lot Of Stuff Isn’t Worth Your Time”


During the TCA panel for TBS’ new animated sci-fi comedy Final Space, debuting February 26, the exec producers, including David Sacks and Conan O’Brien, got asked how long it takes series episodes to get from idea to air, given that The Simpsons takes about nine months, while, at the other extreme, South Park is “very quick” with its turnaround.

South Park has really been hurt by rushing it,” O’Brien cracked. “That’s probably why it never caught on.”

Noting he and Sacks never worked together on The Simpsons “for contractual reasons,” the TBS late-night host revealed that it once took more than a year for a story line he worked on writing to get to air.  “I realized I was in the wrong” TV genre, he said. “I need the immediate hit of thinking something and people seeing it pretty quickly.”

Poor Conan is doomed to take the “How much has TV changed in all your years?” question whenever he appears at these sort of clambakes.

This time, he responded:

“TV has changed seismically 35 separate times since I got involved in it, in the last two dramatically with the Netflix Factor and how much more content there is now.”

But that’s a “double-edged sword,” he added.

“Let’s be honest: a lot of stuff that isn’t worth your time,” he said bluntly. “The bottom line is that the good is always going to be rare.”

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