Rise & Shine Boards ‘Genesis 2.0’ Mammoth Hunters/Clone Researchers Doc – Sundance

Rise and Shine

EXCLUSIVE: Berlin-based boutique sales outfit Rise and Shine has acquired global sales rights to Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Documentary entry, Genesis 2.0. Co-directed by Oscar nominee Christian Frei and newcomer Maxim Arbugaev, this is Frei’s third film to premiere in the Sundance section. Check out the new poster below.

Frei produces Genesis 2.0 which is billed as a cinematic essay-meets-adventure-doc as mammoth hunters on remote Siberian islands in search of their next payday are unwittingly on the brink of the next technological revolution in genetics.

Two brothers — a tusk hunter and a geneticist bent on resurrecting the mammoth — are consumed by their pursuit. When the hunters discover a surprisingly well-preserved mammoth carcass, whose excavation the film covers, they set in motion a scenario for the next great technological revolution in genetics. Such finds are magnets for high-tech clone researchers in search of mammoth cells with the greatest possible degree of intact DNA. The film was shot between the islands and some of the world’s most cutting edge synthetic biology labs.

(Coincidentally, mammoths have been in the news recently: last month, the skeleton of a woolly mammoth sold for more than half a million euros at auction in Lyon, France.)

Genesis 2.0 deals with legends, myths and taboos and confronts us with our own fear of an unknown future,” says Frei. The Swiss filmmaker was nominated for an Academy Award with 2001’s War Photographer and won the World Cinema Directing Award at Sundance with 2009’s Space Tourists.

Russian director and cinematographer Arbugaev made his directorial debut with 2014’s The Hunters. He says, “Hunters are the native people of the North, who practice shamanism and believe in spirits of nature. They are very careful and superstitious in their approach to these uninhabited islands… We see the Arctic as a living creature of its own with mighty incomprehensible powers.”

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Rise and Shine

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