BAFTA Looks To Stamp Out “Pernicious” Working Practices Ahead of 2018 Event

BAFTA is looking to stamp out “pernicious” working practices that “thrive in outdated power structures” in the British film and television industries and has teamed up with a number of organisations to do so.

Ahead of revealing the nominations for the 2018 EE British Academy Film Awards, BAFTA chair Jane Lush said that the organisation “wholeheartedly endorsed” how the Golden Globes dealt with changing times, highlighting Seth Myers’ “brilliant, hilarious and honest” skewering monologue and Oprah Winfrey’s “clarion call for change”.

“We too are determined that the brave revelations, and make no mistake, they were very brave, become a watershed moment for a real lasting change across the workforce in film, game and television,” she said.

Former BBC executive Lush, who was one of the commissioners behind Strictly Come Dancing, added that the industry needed to “reset the tone” in light of allegations against numerous stars, producers and executives across the industry.

BAFTA is teaming up with the British Film Institute, Women in Film and TV and Directors UK on an initiative to help. “We are pooling our knowledge and resources for a unified set of principles and guidelines aimed at stamping out pernicious working practices that thrive in outdated power structures. BAFTA unequivocally promotes a professional environment that protects all who work in it from bullying and harassment. We will be publishing these guidelines very shortly. It’s not only ‘Me Too’ but it’s ‘We Too’.

For the full list of nominations for this year’s awards, click here.

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