Groups Plan Anti-Trump Protests At Tonight’s College Football Title Game In Atlanta

At least two groups plan major protests against President Donald Trump outside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, site of tonight’s College Football Playoff championship game between Alabama and Georgia.

Refuse Fascism ATL and a local chapter of NAACP have expressed plans to mobilize against the president, who has antagonized Atlanta residents by calling the city “horrible” and “crime-infested.” He will attend the game, which ESPN is airing.

While the NAACP has played it closer to the vest in terms of its plans, Refuse Fascism ATL says it will lead a group “taking a knee against Trump” outside CNN world headquarters, which is near the stadium. The action is planned for about 3 PM PT, shortly before the president’s scheduled arrival and two hours before kickoff.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, the NAACP said it is co-ordinating its efforts with those of other activist groups. “Trump has made a terrible decision and is disrupting with his presence,” the chapter’s post said. “We respect those who choose to do so, and we fully expect some groups who will be protesting outside the game.”

In a separate call-to-action on Facebook, Refuse Fascism ATL listed several of the president’s headlines from 2017 and then asked, “He thinks he can just stroll into Atlanta and watch football on Monday??” It supplied its own expletive-laced answer to the question. The group also tweeted this today:

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