Jimmy Kimmel Will Not Announce Presidential Bid At Oscars, Will Campaign For Oprah – TCA

Jimmy Kimmel Oscars
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This year’s Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel says he has no plans to run for President of the United States.

Kimmel, who appeared at TCA on Monday to discuss hosting the Academy Awards for a second year in a row, was asked whether he intended to use the occasion to announce his candidacy the morning everyone is talking about an Oprah Winfrey run in the wake of her State of the Union Address at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards.

Kimmel says he plans to campaign for Oprah.

“Given the choice between Oprah and our current president, I’m on the bus with Oprah traveling the country, encouraging people to sign up and vote,” Kimmel told TV critics in Pasadena today.

Downside: “We will have to call her President Winfrey. I don’t know if we’re prepared for that as a country,” he warned.

The morning after Seth Meyers became the first middle-aged white guy to host a Hollywood trophy show in the #TimesUp era, the middle-aged white guy scheduled to be the second to host a trophy show this year thanked Meyers for going first. In his opening monologue Sunday, Meyers gave a special hello to all those other male hosts of upcoming trophy shows this awards season, who were no doubt watching him “like the first dog they shot into outer space.”

“I felt like Seth made that joke specifically for me and my wife,” Kimmel said, confirming he had, in fact, tuned in to see how Seth handled that and how it was received.


But, asked to what degree he would make the #MeToo era a part of his Oscars hosting, Kimmel cautioned: “It’s two months from now. It’s like getting into a hot tub: You can’t know what the temperature is until you get there. Two months ago, [Donald] Trump was opening the JFK Assassination Files.”

Critics wondered what he learned from his first time hosting the Oscars. He had a couple jokes that “should have gotten more of a response,” he reminded, and discovered the hard way when those jokes fell flat that Academy members in the audience hadn’t actually seen the movies they’d voted for. “I made a joke about the movie Moonlight that fell somewhat flat, because people [in the theater] did not get the reference,” he explained.

“That was interesting,” he continued. “I want the best movies to be nominated, but I also don’t want to make jokes into a vacuum.”

Kimmel’s not sure how he will address last year’s major Oscar snafu, in which Warren Beatty read the wrong movie title for Best Picture winner, given that there have been “a million jokes made on the subject.”

And, he reminded critics, “99% of the show went pretty well. I don’t think of it as a Titanic-caliber disaster. … Ultimately it’s just a bunch of celebrities handing each other trophies, let’s be honest.”

Kimmel got heaps of praise for his rookie turn at last year’s 89th Oscars, keeping calm when La La Land was mistakenly announced as Best Picture rather than actual winner Moonlight. Last year’s producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd also are returning to produce the 2018 show.

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