‘Big Little Lies’ Even More Resonant In #MeToo Times – Golden Globes Backstage


It was great when HBO’s Big Little Lies won outstanding limited series at the Emmys. But in the current #MeToo era, it’s even better.

“For this to be resonating at this time is extraordinary. To be heard and seen and to stand up for what this story is about,” said Nicole Kidman who also won best actress limited series tonight for her turn as an abused, upper middle-class, Monterrey, CA wife.

“I’ve been trying to eradicate violence against women. Now we have a chance to be heard and we’re all doing it, trying to elicit change,” said the actress, who also executive produced the HBO limited series with Reese Witherspoon.

“It’s been a difficult year for our industry and in our fighting, we’ve come out of the darkness and into the light,” said Witherspoon.

“We’re more united as an industry, men and women, and we’re able to shine a light on other industries. We’re privileged. We get to tell  stories. People in other industries don’t get to speak up and (our wearing black tonight) is a small gesture to resonate,” added the Oscar winner.

EP Bruna Papandrea told the press backstage that by having shows like Big Little Lies succeed, it opens the door for funding of other female-centric projects. “It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also great business,” said Papandrea. “We just have to keep doing it.” Kidman echoed that saying how some of the top-grossing movies this year centered around females.

“It’s important that women are the architects of their stories,” added Witherspoon, who also gave the press corps a great Oprah Winfrey imitation: “You get a Golden Globe! You get a Golden Globe! You get a Golden Globe!”

While Witherspoon didn’t spill any details on season 2 of the HBO show, she mentioned that Jean-Marc Valee was unavailable, schedule-wise, and “we are lucky to have Andrea Arnold to respond to the material.”


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