Kirstie Alley Calls Journalist “Hateful” & Bigoted For Scientology Posts


Kirstie Alley, actress and Scientologist, called writer Yashar Ali “hateful” after the Huffington Post writer pointed out her seemingly contradictory responses to rape allegations against Danny Masterson and Paul Haggis.

“Man, you really hate this religion,” Alley tweeted today. “What religion are you Sir? Just curious if you write bigoted sh*t about all religions or just this one? I think it’s YOU who is really enjoying this downfall [of Haggis] as it gives you another opportunity to be hateful.

“Go on with your hateful self.” (See all the tweets below.)

Ali, who has been covering (and breaking stories about) Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals, had earlier posted a string of tweets about Scientology and Alley. “The Church of Scientology is certainly enjoying Paul Haggis’ downfall,” noted one, while another posted screenshots of earlier Alley tweets that seemed to suggest her varying opinions on recent rape investigations against Scientologist Masterson and ex-Scientologist Haggis.

In the first screen-grabbed Alley tweet from last November, the actress, apparently referencing the Masterson allegations, wrote that “innocent until proven guilty is a fairly sane concept” and “rumors cause witchhunts.”

But in response to allegations against Haggis, Alley has tweeted that “karma is a bitch” and, later, “this is gonna be an interesting year for the bad guys.”

“Like all Scientologists,” Ali wrote in his tweets about the actress, “Kirstie is a hypocrite.”

It didn’t end there. Here is the Twitter back & forth, so far:

UPDATE After retweeting this Deadline post, Ali got blocked by Alley:

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