Stephen Colbert: Michael Wolff Stole ‘Fire And Fury’ Material From Showtime’s ‘Our Cartoon President’ – TCA


Michael Wolff stole all his “Fire and Fury” material from Showtime’s new animated series Our Cartoon President, exec producer Stephen Colbert joked Saturday of Wolff’s blockbuster book claiming President Donald Trump’s closest advisers question his fitness for office.

“There is nothing in the book that’s not in our show – and we just guessed!” Colbert ranted to TV critics at Saturday’s TCA.

“The great thing about the Trump administration is, everything you imagine? You’re right!!” he raved.

The purpose of the animated series is not to respond to the news cycle, Colbert explained. “It’s about what’s going on behind the doors of the most important house in the world.”

That said, “we’re not interested a lot in Rex Tillerson at this moment,” the CBS late-night show host snarked, given the 2-3 months it takes to get from concept to air on the animated Showtime series and the constant drumbeat about Tillerson being terminal as Secretary of State.

The Our Cartoon President trailer shown to critics features the stars of Trump’s favorite TV show, Fox & Friends, who, Colbert, EP Chris Licht and Fried said viewers will see a lot of on the weekly 10-episode series, premiering on the pay cabler on February 11. To a lesser degree, we’ll also see cartoon Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, etc.

Ultimately, Our Cartoon President “is about how [Trump] is a very stable genius,” said Colbert, for whom Trump’s presidency has been the making of his CBS late-night program Late Show.

“What we’re trying to capture with this show is how stable his genius is,” Colbert joked Saturday afternoon, referencing Trump’s whole new level of mad-king tweeting earlier in the day,  in which Trump seemed to be trying to neuter Wolff’s book but instead wound up making Wolff’s point:

A couple days before Our Cartoon President’s TCA Q&A, Colbert put a For Your Consideration billboard up in Times Square after Trump announced he would announce winners of his inaugural “Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards on Monday. Because nothing gives you more credibility than Trump calling you a liar, Colbert should be nominated in every category of Trump’s Monday awards ceremony.

Our Cartoon President premieres on Showtime on February 11, but an early preview will be available On Demand on January 28, which puts it two days ahead of Trump’s first State of the Union Address –  which Showtime chief David Nevins “hinted” Saturday will “maybe” be what the first episode is all about.

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